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THE VERB : Transitive and Intransitive

 THE VERB  A Verb are the action words in a sentence that describes what subject is doing .  A Verb may tell us :  What a person or thing does ; as,              Hari laughs.              The clock strikes. What is done to a person or thing ; as,              Hari is shocked.              The window is broken. What a person or thing is ; as,              The cat is dead.              Glass is brittle.       Examples :  The girls were singing . I have learnt my lessons. He is running. KINDS : TRANSITIVE & INTRANSITIVE VERBS * Transitive Verbs :  A Transitive Verb is one that makes a complete sense if it exerts its action on an object. Example :  The girls carry water to their village. She loves rainbow. * Intransitive Verbs :  An Intransitive Verb is one that doesn't make a complete sense. Example :  They jumped. The dog ran.