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Quantitative Ability Questions for all Competitive Exams

  Quantitative Ability   Hi Students . Today we will be discussing the following chapter's questions : 1) Number System  2) H.C.F and L.C.M of Numbers * Don't forget to mention your total score . If you will  Email us at , we will be sharing your weekly/ monthly report and will tell you which areas you are lacking and you must focus on. Please write as : Your Name : ________ , Your Class : ________ ,  Score : ________ , Contact No ( optional ) . We will charge 500 INR for weekly / monthly reports.  Click on the link to get the questions . Do these questions by taking a time limit of 1 hr to 2 hrs .  * Results will be declared by tomorrow 11 am in the blog only. For PDF Click Here  : LINK1 Thank You