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ADJECTIVE An Adjective is a word used with a noun to add something for its meaning. Example :  The lazy boy was punished. He is an  honest  man.  Kinds Of Adjective  * Adjective of Quality  (or Descriptive Adjective)  Descriptive Adjectives show the kind or quality of a person or thing , as ; Kolkata is a large city. The foolish crow tried to sing. Adjectives of Quality answer the question  ' Of what Kind ? ' Example  : Kolkata is a city . Question - Kolkata is a city , Of what kind?   Answer - small or large. ( By the way Kolkata is a large city in India .) So the quality come out to be large . Sentence becomes Kolkata is a large city . (Adjective of Quality) * Adjectives of Quantity  Adjectives of quantity show how much of  a thing is meant , as; I ate some rice. He has little intelligence. Words like some,much,little,enough,all, no,any,half,great,sufficient,whole,etc form Adjective of Quantity. Adjective of Quantity answer the question 'How much ?' Example :