LETTER WRITING - Types of Letter Writing

 What is a Letter ? 

A written or printed communication addressed to a person or an organization and usually transmitted by mail or post in an envelope .

Now E-mail and text and such other forms have become the norm for communication.

Types of Letter Writing - 

There are broadly two types of letters : Formal letters , Informal Letters. But there are few types of letters based on their  purpose, content , formalities, etc . 

Need Of Writing a Letter : 

  • We write formal letters to ask / give information.
  • to apply for a job.
  • to make inquiries.
  • to register complaints about inadequate goods or services.
  • to place / cancel orders.
  • to apologize for behavior.
  • Reply to inquiry / ask for information.
  • to redress grievances. 
  • to persuade others.
  • to make an appeal for help.
  • to send a recommendation ,etc .
  • to show love for close ones.
  • to friends, relatives.

1- Formal Letters

 These letters follow a certain pattern and formality. They are strictly kept formal in nature and directly address the issues concerned. Any sort of business letters, letter to the editor falls within this category. 

2- Informal Letters

These type of letters are personal letters means they are written to one close to us. These types of letters do not follow a pattern . These types of letters are mainly written to friends, family, acquaintances, relatives, etc. 

3- Business Letters

They are written among business correspondents, and contains commercial information such as quotations, order, complaints , etc. These follow a strictly formal pattern or formalities. 

4- Official Letters

 This type of letter is written to official branches , subordinate of official information. It usually relays information like rules, regulations, procedures, events, etc. Official letters are formal and follow a certain pattern and decorum. 

5- Social Letters
A personal letter is written on occasion of a special event . Congratulatory Letter, Condolence Letter, Invitation Letter are social letters. 

6- Circular Letters 

A letter that announces information to large no of people is circular letter. The same letter is circulated is large group of people to correspond some information like brand marketing, change of address, change in management, the retirement of a partner, etc. 

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