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LETTER WRITING - Types of Letter Writing

 What is a Letter ?  A written or printed communication addressed to a person or an organization and usually transmitted by mail or post in an envelope . Now E-mail and text and such other forms have become the norm for communication. Types of Letter Writing -   There are broadly two types of letters : Formal letters , Informal Letters.  But there are few types of letters based on their  purpose, content , formalities, etc .  Need Of Writing a Letter :  We write formal letters to ask / give information. to apply for a job. to make inquiries. to register complaints about inadequate goods or services. to place / cancel orders. to apologize for behavior. Reply to inquiry / ask for information. to redress grievances.  to persuade others. to make an appeal for help. to send a recommendation ,etc . to show love for close ones. to friends, relatives. 1- Formal Letters  These letters follow a certain pattern and formality. They are strictly kept formal in nature and directly address the issue