A Pronoun is a word which is used in place of a Noun.
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Example : Hari is absent because Hari is ill. 
To avoid repetition of the Noun Hari we'll use he in place of Hari , as ;

Hari is absent because he is ill. 

 Types Of Pronoun 

  1. Personal Pronoun
  2. Possessive Pronoun
  3. Demonstrative Pronoun
  4. Reflexive Pronoun
  5. Relative Pronoun
  6. Reciprocal Pronoun 

 * Personal Pronoun

A Personal Pronoun refers a specific person or object or group of things directly.

Example : He, she, it, they, I, me, you, him, whom, her, them, etc.

A personal pronoun describes a person or a thing in the following ways : 

1st Person : the person who speaks (I ,Me ,we ,us)

2nd Person: the person who is spoken to ( You )

3rd Person : the person or thing which is spoken about (he,she,it,them,her,him,them)

Examples : 

  • She shouted for help.
  • He bought some nice books
  • I am young.
  • We are young.

* Possessive Pronoun

A Possessive Pronoun describes a possession to or an ownership of or relationship to a noun.

Example : His, Yours, Hers, Mine, Theirs, Ours, etc.

Ex : 
  • This book is yours.
  • The key is mine.
  • The pen is hers.
  • The hours is ours.
  • The garden is theirs.
  • The knife is his.
  • He lost his book. He need yours.

* Reflexive Pronoun 

A Reflexive Pronoun expresses a noun when the subject's action affects the subject itself. 

Example : myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, themselves.

Ex : 
  • I hurt myself.
  • You will hurt yourself.
  • She locked herself in a room.
  • They considered themselves  the happiest people of the world. 
  • We hurt ourselves. 
  • The food fermented itself.

*Reciprocal Pronoun

A Reciprocal Pronoun is used when two or more nouns are reciprocating to each other or one another in  some action.

There are two reciprocal pronouns : 
  • One another
  • Each other
Examples :

  • Two kids pushed each other.
  • Vibhu and Rimi love each other.
  • Two people in engagement ceremony greeted one another. 
  • Two players in the basketball match mistakenly collided with one another.

* Relative Pronoun 

A Relative Pronoun is a word which is used in the relation to a noun and modifies the same noun. 

Example : which, who, that, whom, whose, etc.

  1. She is the girl, who sings songs. 
'who' is the Relative Pronoun that modifies the noun.

  • It is the dog who barks at the strangers.
  • I met Hari who had just returned.
  • Here is the book that you lent me.
  • I have found the pen which I had lost.

* Demonstrative Pronoun 

A Demonstrative Pronoun is the pronoun that points out to a noun.

Example : This, That, These, Those, such, than, neither, nor.

  • This book is mine.
  • That pen is yours.
  • These books are mine.
  • Those pens are yours.
  • What was that noise?
  • This horse is better than that horse.
  • The rivers of America are larger than those of Europe.

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