Comparison Of Adjectives

 Comparison Of Adjectives 

There are three Degrees of Comparison - 

  1. Positive Degree
  2. Comparative Degree
  3. Superlative Degree

* Positive Degree  

The Positive Degree of an Adjective is the Adjective in its simple form . It is used when no comparison is made.

Ex : sweet, small, tall, white , etc.
  • The mangoes taste sweet.

* Comparative Degree 

The Comparative Degree of an Adjective denotes a higher degree of the quality than the positive , and is used when two things are compared . 

Ex : sweeter, smaller, taller, whiter, etc .
  • Rama is smaller than me.

* Superlative Degree

The Superlative Degree of an Adjective denotes the highest degree of the quality and is used when more than two things are compared.

Ex : sweetest, smallest, tallest, whitest, etc.
  • This boy is the strongest in the class.




         Bold          Bolder       Boldest 

         Young                 Younger                  Youngest       
         Brave          Braver       Bravest

         Great                  Greater                    Greatest         
        Kind           Kinder       Kindest

        Large                     Larger                   Largest          
        Wise           Wiser       Wisest

        Happy                 Happier                     Happiest       
        Easy          Easier        Easiest

        Heavy                  Heavier                    Heaviest       
        Wealthy          Wealthier        Wealthiest

         Thin                     Thinner                    Thinnest      
          Sad            Sadder          Saddest


* Adjectives of more than two form the Comparative and Superlative by putting more and most before the Positive -

  Positive   Comparative  Superlative      
 Beautiful  more beautiful  most beautiful   

  Difficult   more difficult   most difficult    

* Some irregular comparisons are also formed, as ;

   Positive   Comparative    Superlative  
  Good,well     better    best

  Bad,evil          worse               Worst           
 Little      lesser     least

    Much           more                  most            
    many     more     most

   late                later                latest              
    Old       Older   oldest


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