ADVERB : It's Kinds


Adverb is a word that modifies the meaning of a verb, an adjective, or another Adverb.

Example : 
  • Rama runs quickly.
In this sentence quickly shows how Rama runs ; that is , quickly modifies the verb run.

  • Govind reads quite clearly .
  • She was dressed all in pink.
  • She was sitting close beside him.


Adverbs may be divided into the following classes , 

(1) Adverb of Time  (which shows when )

Examples : 

  • I have heard this before.
  • We shall now begin to work .
  • He comes here daily.
  • I have spoken to him already.
  • That day he arrived late.
  • The end soon came.
  • Wasted time , never returns.

(2) Adverb of Frequency (which shows how often )

Examples : 

  • I have told you twice.
  • He often makes mistakes.
  • The postman called again .
  • I have not seen him once.
  • He seldom comes here.
  • He always tries to do his best.

(3)  Adverb Of Place (which shows where)

Examples : 
  • Stand here.
  • Go there.
  • Come in.
  • Walk backward.
  • The little lamb followed Mary everywhere.
  • He looked up.

(4) Adverb Of Manner ( which shows how or in what manner )

Examples : 
  • Govind reads clearly.
  • This story is well written.
  • The child slept soundly.
  • The Sikhs fought bravely.
  • The boy works hard.
  • You should not do so.

(5) Adverb of Degree or Quantity ( which shows how much, or in what degree or to what extent)

  • He was too careless.
  • These mangoes are almost ripe.
  • I am fully prepared.
  • The sea is very stormy.
  • She sings pretty well.
  • I am rather busy.


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