Logical Reasoning Questions : Syllogism

        LOGICAL REASONING  Hi Students,     Grab the concepts of Logical Reasoning by making a better understanding in Syllogism . In this topic you will  be able to solve questions by Venn Diagrams. If you feel any difficulty email  us at .  Here is the link for the pdf of Logical reasoning . Solve as many as questions you can. Pdf - LINK2 Forms will be available from tomorrow so you can either mention your scores at our provided email address or by filling the form.  Thank You

Quantitative Ability Questions for all Competitive Exams

  Quantitative Ability   Hi Students . Today we will be discussing the following chapter's questions : 1) Number System  2) H.C.F and L.C.M of Numbers * Don't forget to mention your total score . If you will  Email us at , we will be sharing your weekly/ monthly report and will tell you which areas you are lacking and you must focus on. Please write as : Your Name : ________ , Your Class : ________ ,  Score : ________ , Contact No ( optional ) . We will charge 500 INR for weekly / monthly reports.  Click on the link to get the questions . Do these questions by taking a time limit of 1 hr to 2 hrs .  * Results will be declared by tomorrow 11 am in the blog only. For PDF Click Here  : LINK1 Thank You 

BIG News for Competitors : Free Practice Questions Everyday

  Hi Everyone ! English at Home presents a 3 months daily practice questions in Mathematics, Quantitative Ability, Verbal Reasoning, Non - Verbal Reasoning, General English ,Logical Reasoning etc. Stay Updated for more. Be ready tomorrow at 11 am for Questions. (Answers will be available under every question)  *Students from CBSE boards can check our website for Most Important Questions from Each Chapter in Mathematics. Also you can prepare for Competition Exams.  ENGLISH  AT HOME    Why you should join us ?   * Latest Questions from Latest Books. * Each section  includes the following topics  Quantitative Ability, Verbal / Non -Verbal Ability , Logical Reasoning , Mathematics , etc . * Cost Effective :  You don't need to buy costly and heavy  books. Same content from the books will be updated here. Free content is also available for the needy students who can't buy costly books and can't go to those tuitions with heavy fees structure . Don't worry just stay updated .

LETTER WRITING - Types of Letter Writing

 What is a Letter ?  A written or printed communication addressed to a person or an organization and usually transmitted by mail or post in an envelope . Now E-mail and text and such other forms have become the norm for communication. Types of Letter Writing -   There are broadly two types of letters : Formal letters , Informal Letters.  But there are few types of letters based on their  purpose, content , formalities, etc .  Need Of Writing a Letter :  We write formal letters to ask / give information. to apply for a job. to make inquiries. to register complaints about inadequate goods or services. to place / cancel orders. to apologize for behavior. Reply to inquiry / ask for information. to redress grievances.  to persuade others. to make an appeal for help. to send a recommendation ,etc . to show love for close ones. to friends, relatives. 1- Formal Letters  These letters follow a certain pattern and formality. They are strictly kept formal in nature and directly address the issue


5 BEST  ENGLISH GRAMMAR BOOKS IN INDIA FOR EVERYONE (2020) Best English Grammar Books in India which are suitable for Beginners, Job Seekers, Entrance Exams, Government Exams, English Language Proficiency Test such as IELTS, TOEFL, Professional Purpose, etc. By Rimjim Verma There are so many books about English Grammar but Hoe do you know the one which will help you improve your English Grammar ? It doesn't matter if you are a beginner , a student , an employee, everyone wants to learn English.  English language is widely accepted and used as primary language for most of the people all around the world. In most of the professions English is a mandatory language . For many job seeking opportunities ,for higher studies English is a must required language. There are a lot of books in the market but which one is right ? Many books has wrong information in it. Many people read those books and fail in learning English or grab the wrong information.  To get you strong roots , here is a l


CONJUNCTION A conjunction is a word used to join sentences or words. Examples: God made the country and man made the town. Our hoard is little, but our hearts are great. Two and two make four. Definition = A Conjunction is a word which merely joins together sentences, and sometimes words. Some Conjunctions are used in pairs . 1- Either - or  :   Either take it or leave it. 2-Neither - nor  : It is neither useful nor ornamental. 3-Both-and  : We both love and honour him. 4- Though - yet    : Though he is suffering much pain, yet he didn't complain. 5- Whether- or    : I don't care whether you go or stay. 6-Not only- but also  : Not only he is foolish but also obstinate. Note : Conjunctions are thus used in pairs called Correlative Conjunction or Correlatives. * We use many compound expressions as conjunctions ; these are called Compound Conjunctions.


PREPOSITION Preposition is a word placed before a Noun or a Pronoun to show in what relation the person or thing denoted by it stands in regard to something else. * Words 'in', 'off'', 'of'', 'that', 'at', 'on', etc are used as Prepositions. * A Preposition may have two or more objects ; as,  The road runs over hill and plain . * A Preposition is usually placed before its object.      The Noun or Pronoun which is used with a preposition is called its 'Object' .  Example : Here is the watch that you asked for. That is the boy I was speaking of. What are you looking at ? What of these chairs did you sit on? * The Prepositions like 'for', 'from', 'in', 'on' are often omitted before nouns of place or time.